2014 John Deere 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Gas

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John Deere
2500E E-Cut Hybrid Gas



Nothing on your course gets more scrutiny than the greens. Which is why since 2005, John Deere has been introducing customers to the many benefits of E-Cut Hybrid technology: elimination of 102 hydraulic leak points in the reel circuit; a consistent frequency of clip that can only be generated by electricity; lower fuel consumption and reduced sound levels. (The 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Gas model is the quietest engine-powered riding greens mower according to ISO standards.); easier maintenance than conventional mowers.

  • A proven design that drives the cutting unit with electric reel motors
  • 102 potential leak points eliminated in the reel circuit
  • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption @ 2250 RPM
  • Greatly reduce triplex ring with exclusive offset cutting units
  • Type: Liquid-Cooled, Gas
  • Engine horsepower: 21.0 hp (15.7 kW) at 3600 rpm
  • Air cleaner: Semi-cyclone, dry-type, dual-stage
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Oil filter: Full-flow filter
  • Engine oil capacity: 2 US qt (1.7 L)
  • Pressurized lubrication system: Standard
  • Number of cylinders: 2-cylinder
  • Displacement: 617 cc
Electrical System
  • Charging system: Flywheel, alternator
  • Alternator capacity: 16 amp
  • Ignition: CDI
  • Battery type: 12-volt, BCI group 40 maintenance free
  • Starter: Electric (solenoid shift)
Vehicle Specifications
  • Front wheels: 18x10.5-10, 2-ply smooth; 20x10-10, 2-ply smooth; or 20x10-10, 2-ply turf tread
  • Rear wheels: 18x10.5-10, 2-ply smooth; 20x10-10, 2-ply smooth; or 20x10-10, 2-ply turf tread
  • Brakes: Single pedal, 2-wheel disc brakes
  • Type: Dual 6-in (15.2 cm)
  • Mowing speed, mph (km/h): 0 to 4 mph (0 to 6.4 km/hr)
  • Transport speed, mph (km/h): 0 to 8.5 mph (0 to 13.7 km/hr)
  • Reverse speed, mph (km/h): 0 to 3 mph (0 to 4.8 km/hr)
  • Ground clearance with catcher, in. (cm): 4-in (10.2 cm)
  • Fuel tank capacity, U.S. gal. (L): 7.9 US gal (29.9 L) in a single tank
  • Muffler: Horizontal discharge below frame
  • Hydrostatic capacity (total), U.S. gal. (L): 7.6 US gal (28.8 L)
  • Hydrostatic reservoir capacity (only), U.S. gal. (L): 5.4 US gal (20.4 L)
  • Traction drive: Hydrostatic, 2-pedal control
  • Reel drive: Electric
  • Reel power source: Alternator, 48 Volt / 90 amp
  • Reel control: Voltage regulated
  • Hydraulic filtration: 10 micron
  • Number: 3 - Offset design
  • Size, in. (cm): Quick Adjust QA5 22-in. (55.9-cm) floating, standard
  • Backlapping: Standard on machine, variable adjustment capability
  • Clip frequency, in./mph (mm/km/h): 0.034 in./mph (0.541 mm per km/h) for 14 blade; 0.044 in./mph (0.689 mm per km/h) with 11-blade reel; 0.069 in./mph (1.082 mm per km/h) with 7-blade reel
  • Front rollers: Optional 2-in (5.1 cm) smooth, machine grooved, or spiral
  • Reel diameter, in. (cm): 5-in (12.7 cm)
  • Bedknife adjustment: Bedknife-to-reel
  • Height-of-cut, in. (mm): 5/64 to 3/4-in (2.0 to 19.0 mm) with 2-in (5.1 cm) front roller; or 5/8 to 1.25-in (16 to 32 mm) with 3-in (5.1 cm) front roller
  • Number of blades: Choice of 7 or 11
  • Mower lift: (1) Hydraulic cylinder for front two units, (1) hydraulic cylinder for center unit
Operator Controls
  • Steering: Hydraulic, adjustable column
  • Reel lift: Right hand (optional foot controls)
  • Throttle: Right hand
  • Park brake: Right foot
  • Reel drive: Right hand
  • Hydrostatic speed: Forward: Right foot
  • Hydrostatic speed: Reverse: Right foot
  • Ignition: Key start and shutoff
  • Engine oil pressure: LED Warning light
  • Alternator: LED Warning Light
  • Hydraulic oil temperature: LED Warning Light
  • Engine coolant temperature: LED Warning Light
  • Hourmeter: Digital
Electrical and Safety System
  • Diagnostics: On-board diagnostics with White Box Controller and (SOS) Sit on Seat Diagnostics
  • Safety interlocks: Operator presence switch (in seat), backlap switch, mow/transport switch, park brake set switch
  • Number: ANSI B71.4-2004
  • ROPS: 2-Post SAE J21294 Roll Over Protection Structure with Seat Belts meets pending ISO 21299 standards
  • Engine: Meets CARB and EPA
Weights and Dimensions
  • Wheelbase, in. (cm): 51.0-in (129.5 cm)
  • Tread width, in. (cm): 40.0-in (101.5 cm)
  • Mowing position width, in. (cm): 62.0-in (157.5 cm)
  • Turning radius uncut circle, in. (cm): 18-in (45.7 cm)
  • Weight (full fluids, no operator or fuel), lb. (kg): 1,281 lbs (581 kg)
Sound Levels at Operator Ear (dBA)
  • Full engine rpm: 80 dBA
  • Full engine rpm: With GTC and power brush attachments: 80 db(A)
  • Full engine rpm: With 11/7 blade cutting units and no attachments: 80 db(A)
  • Reduced engine rpm (2250): 76 dBA
  • Reduced engine rpm (2250): With GTC and power brush attachments: 76 db(A)
  • Reduced engine rpm (2250): With 11/7 blade cutting units, no attachments: 76 db(A)
Engine hp is provided by engine manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp will be less.



Horse Power
21.0 hp (15.7 kW)
Engine Type
Liquid-Cooled, Gas
617 cc


Hydrostatic, 2-pedal control
Wheel Size
18x10.5-10, 2-ply smooth; 20x10-10, 2-ply smooth; or 20x10-10, 2-ply turf tread
Fuel Capacity
7.9 gal. (29.9 L)


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